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On the Intimate Walls of the Poirel Pavilion


Poirel exhibition





MAY 12, 2017

MAY 15, 2017

Graffiti artist for 20 years on the walls of the region, in Luxembourg and in Germany, Valérian under the pseudonym Valer, went from the wall to the canvas to decorate the largest cheese platter as part of the Guinness World Records, organized by the MARCHAND brothers in September 2016. 

Spotted on this occasion by gallery owner Christophe BERTEAUX, the idea of an exhibition at the Pavilion (opposite the Salle Poirel) was proposed to him, a challenge taken up by the Artist. Another repercussion, the management of the Emaux de Longwy Saint Jean L'Aigle factory created a work signed Valer which will be unveiled during this exhibition from May 12 to 14.

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